2016/17 PTO officers:

President- Courtney Holiday
President Elect-Jenn johnson
Secretary-Symbol Cortez
Treasurer-Tara Wisdom

[email protected]


506 N. 162 AVE.
OMAHA, NE. 68118

2016/17 Committee Chairs:

Book Fair- Stacey Edward & Krista Lind
Box Tops & Store Promotions- Stepahine Hughes
Carnival- Jenn Johnson
Conference Hospitality- Jennifer Maguire
5th Grade Farewell- Sherri Obrecht, Janet Thayer, Shannon Roman, Erin Kampschneider, Courtney Holiday
Lunch Room & Media Center- Symbol Cortez
Olympic Day- Chasitie Vander Plaats & Christy Ulrich
Olympic Day Shirts- Michelle Patterson
Creative Arts Committee- Courtney Holiday & Symbol Cortez
Room Parents- Jackie Bergmann
Scholarship Committee- Janet Thayer
School Decorations- Shannon Roman
Silver Graphics- Michelle Hepfner
Staff Appreciation- Jamie Carmichael & Symbol Cortez
Walking Club- Jane Lowes
Walk-A-Thon- Jackie Bergmann
Yearbook- Erin Kampschneider & Gretchen Baijnauth

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